10 Female K-Pop Icons To Follow For Fabulous Fashion Inspirations

If fashion is an art, then these K-Pop queens are artists in their own right. Warning: We’ve got some serious fashion coming your way!

The world of fashion is a beautiful realm that is in a constant state of evolution. When it comes to finding your style, it’s important to keep in mind that you should be comfortable, it should represent your personality, and most essentially: there are absolutely no rules.

The women of K-pop don’t just hit those high notes and dance like there’s no tomorrow; nope, these powerful girls also know how to dress it up in supreme style. From classy retro and preppy cute all the way to edgy rock and fierce couture, we’re about to hit you with 10 of the most voguish female fashion icons. You ready, fashion authorities?

#1 Rosé of BLACKPINK

Bohemian skirt? Check! Velvet crop top? Check! Knee-high boots? Check! Oh, and legs for days? Double check! BLACKPINK’s charming vocalist is a consistent stunner in all her style choices. With the way she’s dolled up in this shot, we’ve got endless dreamy summer days in our minds. We’ll pack, you pack, and let’s Coachella! (Metaphorically for now, of course… but as soon as the coast is clear, let’s Coachella!)

#2 Chorong of APINK

Apink’s graceful Chorong makes the world her runway in this fresh breeze of Parisian flair. Her plaid dress, opaque leggings, black ankle boots, and leather jacket are a match made in style heaven. This classic European look has managed to transcend generations and international borders thanks to its sleek elegance. To top it off, her black beret symbolizes her crown as one of the elite queens of fashion. For her sophisticated couture choices, we only have two words: J’adore!

#3 Jisoo of BLACKPINK

Jisoo is BLACKPINK’s visual for a reason: She’s gorgeous! This K-Pop star’s fashion picks are always a breath of fresh air with just the right balance of sweet and sassy. Here she is, ready to take over the world in her sheer top and dark denim. How You Like That, everyone?

#4 Momo of TWICE

The main dancer and rapper of TWICE is apparently a beautiful fairy from the land of our dreams. This backless ruffled summer dress is nothing short of ethereal. The pale palette of the floral fabric complements her blushed skin and platinum hair perfectly. What can we say? Momo’s vogue game is at level 100.

#5 Yuna of ITZY

ITZY’s maknae and visual never fails to serve up exceptionally striking ensembles. With this brilliant monoblock dose of hot pink lace-up boots and biker jacket, Yuna definitely owns a spot in our top 10 style icons list.

#6 Yeji of ITZY

Based on their looks alone, we would never have guessed that Yeji is the oldest member of the girl group! ITZY members all radiate youthful class that anyone would be mesmerized with. Yeji is often seen clad in oversized hoodies, sporty crop tops, and quirky space buns. Her casual and contemporary style definitely deserves a round of applause.

#7 Sandara Park

The original K-pop princess is here! We only have one question for this timeless beauty: Why don’t you age? If you found the fountain of youth, you’ve got to let us know.

Sandara Park’s charisma gives her the power to switch from elegant chiffon dresses to cargo pants and shirts real quick while still looking like the fiery ruler that she is! This style icon is the absolute epitome of fashion duality, and that’s why we love her! What is it that everyone on social media keeps saying again? Oh, right…Get yourself a girl who can do both.

#8 Umji of GFRIEND

GFRIEND’s Umji is the queen of retro ruffles and romantic flowy blouses. However, want to know the main reason why we added this lovely vocalist to our most stylish list? It’s the exquisite pointed Mary Janes with black socks that’s she’s wearing here. That’s where she totally got us. She had us at Mary Janes.

#9 SinB of GFRIEND

SinB has her laid back vibe mastered down to a tee. Her modish blazers and cardigans always get a dose of extra charm thanks to her sweet charisma. When she has to though, SinB can transform herself into fierce fashion sovereignty, just like in the photo above. Hello, duality.

#10 Solar of Mamamoo

Do you want a burst of color and Latina grandiosity? Mamamoo’s Solar has got your back! This singer is a master at making an entrance with her powerful outfits that never fail to light up a room. No wonder her name is Solar…

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