10 K-pop Hairstyles You Should Experiment With While You Are In Lockdown

Admit it, you’ve tried to cut your own hair at least once during the quarantine. Before you pick up those scissors again, here’s some inspiration.

It’s only natural to feel a little claustrophobic while we stay indoors and practice physical distancing until the pandemic subsides. That’s why most people have opted to look for things to keep themselves entertained. One of those things is a DIY haircut …

K-pop hairstyles

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There is an endless list of things you can do while staying at home. Perhaps you would like to learn a new skill, like baking, drawing, or a new language. Or maybe you’re on a quest to reach your fitness goals, so you’ll look your best for your next travel adventure. Are you one of those people that just loves staring out your window to see the sun set and rise in the infinite sky?

Or probably you’re the type of person that impulsively chops off their own hair. It’s okay, we understand.  We believe in the spontaneity of a DIY haircut, because hair grows! But before you pick up those scissors and ravage your mane, we’ve gathered some beautiful K-pop hair inspiration just for you. Scissors at the ready!

#1 Hanse of Victon

Victon’s main rapper and lead dancer is bringing back the peek-a-boo root trend with a twist. Instead of the traditional dark roots growing out, Hanse has flipped the switch and looks like a true standout. The bright gold locks peeking out and meshing with his black hair is a fashion-forward choice that guys need to rock at least once.

#2 Subin of Victon

Summer is on the horizon and that can only mean one thing: the sandy beach and crystal waves are calling our name! Another thing that summer demands is an inspiring new hair color. Take a style cue from Victon’s maknae, Subin. His messy parted bangs are the ideal haircut for guys to show off their sculpted foreheads while radiating that boyish charm. Subin amplified the charisma of his tresses with a delicate shade of ash blonde featuring lilac accents.

#3 Jihyo of Twice

This one’s for all the girls who are just too excited to try out bangs, but aren’t sure if they should go for the full fringe, side bangs, or curtain bangs. Jihyo of Twice has a lovely face that would be obscured if she opted for full bangs. Luckily, the superstar went for curtain bangs that fall delicately along the sides of her cheekbones. The romantic tint of rose gold fits her skin tone perfectly, as it casts warm reflections onto her blush cheeks. She’s practically a summer fairy!

#4 Solar of Mamamoo

Being the solar-powered star that she is, this singer knows how to rock vanilla blonde hair like the best of them. Her shoulder-length bob radiates fresh and quirky stylishness that is truly timeless. A shorter haircut possesses the power to really bring out your features, especially if you have a small face. Throw a little bleach and toner into the mix, and bam! The world is your runway.

#5 V of BTS

This is the famous messy black perm that earned V the nickname of the “Guy In All Black”. BTS walked the red carpet at the Grammy’s earlier this year, and they all looked stunningly dapper. V, in particular, broke the internet that day as people were raving about his exceptional beauty. There’s just a certain mysterious charm about this disheveled mane that frames his face in an amazingly flattering manner. We can already hear all the guys getting off their seats to get their hair permed right now. Good call.

#6 Cha Eun Woo of Astro

If you’re already sporting a flamboyant hair color, now may be the perfect time for you to give basic black a try. Cha Eun Woo’s jet black hair and subtle bangs complement his handsome face perfectly. His choppy bangs slightly touch the tops of his eyebrows, creating emphasis on his dreamy almond eyes. What can we say? When you have a face this ethereal, it isn’t difficult to find a haircut that suits you. Try this hairdo at home and you might wake up looking just like Astro’s visual!

#7 Rose of BLACKPINK

Summer is the perfect season to wear your long wavy hair in a half ponytail. BLACKPINK’s beautiful vocalist opts for a low half ponytail with two locks of hair draped loosely along the side of her face. The understated elegance of this classic coif will give you an instant princess-like vibe. (or a mermaid vibe, it’s really up to you!) If you’ve got an oval-shaped face like Rose’s, a pretty half ponytail will brighten up your face without concealing the length of your mane.

#8 Min Ho of Shinee

If you live in a warm climate, long hair could easily get on your nerves, especially during the quarantine. If you need a break from your long hair, you could take the big step and go for a buzz cut. Shinee’s Min Ho may have shaved off his famous luscious locks, but he looks just as charming with a buzz cut! Put your face to the test, and see if your beauty can stand alone without the help of your mullet or messy bangs. It’s a daunting challenge and it’s only for the brave. Do you accept?

#9 Taeyong of NCT

We dare you to bleach your hair and break out the blue hair dye! Taeyong’s electric blue tresses may look extreme, but that’s what fashion is all about. You’ve got to have the courage to be disruptive in order to stand out in the best way possible. Who says that black, blonde, red, and brown are the only hair colors we can wear? This burst of blue will undoubtedly work in your favor. Don’t forget to slick it back with a dab of gel for an extra boost of drama. You may even consider keeping it permanently after the pandemic’s gone, because … why not?

#10 Eunha of Gfriend

Purple has become an exceedingly popular choice of hair dye. It’s powerful and universally flattering for most skin tones. GFriend’s Eunha adds a literal twist to her purple hair, courtesy of a playful Dutch braid. The contemporary hair color combined with the classic double braid creates a unique flair of cute-meets-fierce. The beautiful balance that this hairdo radiates will make you look like you’ve got your own personal periwinkle sunset.

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