12 Times BLACKPINK Stunned With Their Fiercely Fantastic Fashion

BLACKPINK has smashed records with their chart-topping hits and eye-catching music videos, but let’s shift the focus onto their modish style for a change.

BLACKPINK is one of the most talked-about K-pop groups, so far. Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie have climbed up the charts with catchy tunes like “Kill This Love”, “Playing with Fire”, and “Ddu-du Ddu-du”. Their fanbase and YouTube views just continue to grow exponentially over time.


Photo from Instagram @lalalalisa_m

With BLACKPINK’s 2020 comeback on the rise, these K-pop idols are ready to steal the spotlight once again. While most people may already know about their magnetic musical hits, we’re here to highlight their fiery fashion hits.


1. Lovely Lady In Red

Jisoo shines in this crocheted button-down dress. The ragged-edged cropped coat adds elegant flair to the overall look. On a side note, we have found the lady in red everyone has been talking about!

2. Saccharine Sunshine

Clad in her mustard yellow printed beach dress and straw hat, this vocalist/visual channels her inner summer princess.

3. Noir Et Blanc

We stand by this fact: You can never go wrong with black and white! Her draped tube dress gets jazzed up by the detached white puff sleeves and royally bedazzled collar. We love how she pulled her hair back into a ponytail to flaunt the full effect of her ensemble.


4. Floral Finesse Meets The Tough Trend

This cute floral dress is a surprisingly good match for these black stockings and knee-high suede boots. Unconventional mix and matching is what it’s all about in the game of fashion. Sometimes, the most unlikely pieces go best together.

5. On Cloud 9

Here’s your dose of casual denim pizzazz! If you don’t already own a jumper, you should go get one right now and pair it with a dreamy cloud tie-dye sweater.

6. Show-stopping hat

Make way for BLACKPINK’s main rapper and her elaborate wide-brimmed hat! To top it off, her white georgette co-ord is a fashion staple that could steal the show anywhere you go.


7. The Umpire Of Flair

Usually, the umpire sits on his/her seat during a tennis match to enforce the game’s rules. In this case, Lisa chills up there to showcase her flared denim jeans, white kicks, and basic black cropped top.

8. Quirky White Biker Jacket

Double braids and a cropped white biker jacket? Yes, please. We’ll take two.

9. Girl Boss

The office outfit trend has proven to be more than just a fad. Blazers and slacks have transitioned into our daily style, and we don’t see ourselves ever letting go of this trend. There’s no replacing these timeless European-esque pieces.


10. Ethereal Summers Last Forever

If you lounge on a yacht in this romantic Juliet cropped top and flowy skirt, while reveling in the view of the emerald ocean, summer will last forever.

11. French Flair x Anime Art

Rosé looks like she jumped straight out of a French school girl anime. Her leather platform loafers, black knee socks, and charming beret are the ideal accents to amplify that Parisian poise.

12. Majestic Museum Buff

Here, the singer exudes honeyed elegance, as she dons a black and white polka-dotted dress while traversing the Maison de Claude Monet in Giverny, France. The French painter’s house is a treasure trove for history and art, and Rose brings her A-game by dressing up as a masterpiece herself.

Source: Instagram @jennierubyjane | @lalalalisa_m | @sooyaaa__ | @roses_are_rosie

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