2 female idols who get the best reactions these days

Minnie’s ‘Tomboy’ intro

This fancam is so popular on Twitter and the video has over 1 million views

Red Velvet Joy

Their groups’ songs dominate the music charts and they seem to be so popular among muggles these days

1. Wow Minnie’s outfit and makeup was so pretty that day. Joy is so pretty when she smiles and sings

2. From visuals to vocals, Minnie is unique

3. I really like Joy these days

4. Minnie’s facial expressions are so good, every time I see her on stage, I’m shocked

5. Minnie’s eyes are really attractive.. For me, Minnie stands out the most on stage

6. The two of them are perfect no matter the song and concept ㅜㅜ Their voices are good and they perform well on stage

7. Minnie is so popular these days. Joy was popular as soon as she debuted, right? It’s like she’s getting more and more popular these days

8. I watched Minnie in Queendom, and she’s really charming ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. Joy’s smile makes the world brighter

10. I really want to be born with Joy’s height and face in my next life..!

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