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Article: “Is this virus a joke?” SBS Entertainment Awards makes viewers uncomfortable with ‘award arm stick’

Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver

1. [+4,243, -63] I think it’s ridiculous that award ceremonies were exempt from the ban on gatherings of over 50 people… They all took their masks off when they got on stage and started sharing their mics among one another. At this rate, why not just let all cafes, PC rooms, and restaurants go back to business? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,314, -150] A festival of another world. Everyone is struggling right now, who cares who wins the daesang only than themselves? They’re just a bunch of clowns with crap for brains.

3. [+1,026, -26] What is the point of taking any preventative measures when they all take their masks off on stage and share the same mic??? So ridiculous.

4. [+581, -65] The nation is suffering enough as it is with the pandemic, let’s please stay quiet. Seeing celebrities act like this makes me want to go out myself. These stars should be sharing their wealth by giving back, especially with how difficult it has been for everyone.

5. [+202, -4] The rules only apply to the rest of us… I had a senior who retired after 40 years in our company and we couldn’t even throw them a retirement party. Nevermind the year-end celebrations… Can’t even grab a quick meal with our co-workers. Meanwhile, celebrities seem to be living in an alternate universe…

6. [+170, -4] My family has canceled baby birthdays, weddings, grandparent birthdays… What are these celebrities doing? Are they somehow immune to the virus? ㅋㅋㅋ They took their masks off for the award speeches and shared mics, tsk tsk. This has to be a gag.

7. [+114, -2] They deserve the criticism for even thinking of going ahead with this at a time like now. The entire nation has been asking them not to go ahead with it. Why go through all these lengths just to hold this pathetic ceremony?? Small businesses are closing down and dying. How are ceremonies like this more important than small businesses?

8. [+109, -4] Just stop airing these things. No more entertainment, drama, music awards. It’s a world of their own anyway. No one is watching this stuff anymore.

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