5 actors who passed on ‘Penthouse’

Article: 5 actors who passed on popular drama ‘Penthouse’ and are probably regretting it

Source: Insight via Instagram

Shin Sung Rok – passed on the role of Joo Dan Tae

Oh Man Suk – Ha Yoon Chul

Ha Suk Jin – Logan Lee

Kang Tae Oh – ?

Jung Da Bin – ?

1. [+57] I think Shin Sung Rok would’ve made a crazy, crazy good Joo Dan Tae but Uhm Ki Joon is just so good at evil roles that I’m not mad about it…

2. [+48] I don’t think Da Bin unni regrets it

3. [+25] I feel bad for Shin Sung Ryok ㅋㅋㅋ His drama ‘Kairos’ is Mon/Tue so his viewer ratings are completely slashed by ‘Penthouse’, it’s totally a drama no one even knows about ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+19] The current cast is perfect as they are…

5. [+14] I love the current cast a lot more

6. [+9] I think whoever passed on Joo Dan Tae is regretting it but is there anyone else who can show the duality of the character better than Uhm Ki Joon? And I don’t think Ha Suk Jin would’ve ever taken a supporting role like Logan Lee.

7. [+9] I can see Oh Man Suk and Ha Suk Jin as Ha Yoon Chul and Logan Lee too

8. [+4] The current cast is too perfect, I just don’t see it working with anyone else…

9. [+2] Ha Suk Jin is lead-tier so I don’t think he would’ve taken a character with a supporting role like Logan Lee

10. [+1] I’m happy with the Ha Yoon Chul casting ㅎㅎㅎ


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