5 Soothing K-Pop Tracks To Help You Get Through Your Pandemic Anxiety

These calming songs from some of today’s highly sought-after K-Pop acts are here to somehow help you get through this challenging period.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably changed how we go about our daily lives. While this outbreak continues to bring challenges around the world, it is important that we remain safe and mentally well to help fight the crisis.

We put up a short tracklist to cheer you on and hopefully bring you a relaxing time as you listen to these wonderful songs.

“Smile Flower” by SEVENTEEN

In these trying times when “social distancing” becomes the new normal, SEVENTEEN reminds us to be happy and encourages us to still smile through their hit ballad “Smile Flower”.

“Spring Day” by BTS

This heartwarming track from BTS is truly a masterpiece. It narrates a real and natural phase in life where we miss someone. Though “Spring Day” tackles the pain of losing a loved one, it still brings in a hopeful message of moving forward.

“Through The Night” by IU

Stressed and tired about the current happenings? IU is here to support you! Through her sweet and soft vocals, the idol’s melancholic song “Through The Night” will definitely help you calm down.

“Downpour” by I.O.I

During this difficult period, Produce 101 Season 1’s project girl group I.O.I tells us that it’s okay to let our feelings out. While we may feel sad at the moment, “Downpour” is a reminder that this too shall pass.

“Spring Breeze” by WANNA ONE

Another relaxing track is WANNA ONE’s final title track “Spring Breeze”. There are unavoidable moments when we have to break away from our natural zones, and this song is a call for everyone to remain optimistic and determined to overcome the sorrow.

These are just some of the numerous K-Pop tracks that are a perfect fit to relax us. Let us know your thoughts and share with us your favorite calming songs by commenting below or on Facebook, or tweet us at @hellokpop!

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