8 Reasons Why BTS’ Jin And Jungkook Make The Greatest Duo Ever

As individuals, BTS’ Jin and Jungkook are a force to be reckoned with, but together, they are absolutely unstoppable.

The majority of the world knows Jin, Jungkook, V, Suga, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope collectively as BTS, the boyband that blazed a trail of astronomical stardom. While their fame only seems to grow over time, so does their brotherly bond.


ARMYs would most likely have noticed that these seven stars have somewhat found a soulmate in one another. If you’re part of their fandom, you’ve definitely encountered their playful ship names, such as “Namjin”, “Vmin” and “Sope”. However, in this article, we’ll be shining a light on the couplet of Jin and Jungkook, A.K.A. “Jinkook”!

When the group’s oldest and youngest members work together as a team, they either send you spiraling into endless laughter or effectively tug at your heartstrings. Their personalities may be near polar opposites, but they merge with animated harmony.

If you thought that the reasons for their zestful synergy couldn’t be put into words, we’re here to break it down for you in 8 reasons!  We know how much you love seeing these two guys goof off together, so this one’s for you, ARMY.

#1 They’re the Mat Hyung and the Maknae 

BTS Jin and Jungkook

Photo from Big Hit Entertainment

Age is not a factor when it comes to friendship. These boy group members may be the mat hyung and the maknae, but that definitely doesn’t stand in the way of them being best buds. As you can observe from their Bangtan Bombs and reality shows, Jin and Jungkook always share everything from little squabbles to some wholesome mischief.

You can count on these two to naturally create funny content for their fans. Take this Bangtan Bomb for instance. Jin and Jungkook were no match for the wrath of this squeaky toy hammer. After watching this clip, we only have one question: Are your knuckles okay?

#2 Their Words of Wisdom

Break the Silence is BTS’ newest documentary, which is available via Weverse. In the heartwarming documentary series, the members all shared their perspectives and poured out their feelings. Among the most noteworthy moments of the documentary are the words of wisdom which Jungkook and Jin imparted.

In one scene, Jin was shown reading a book in his hotel room. He shared that from books and axioms, he has learned that, “Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.”

These profound words have the power to resonate deeply into anyone’s soul, as nothing could be more true. If you never give up, you’re bound to get there someday, some way.

During episode 3 of Break the Silence, Jungkook opened up about his close ties with his fellow group members.

“After living with them for a long time, there are things you can tell without the need for words. There is a kind of invisible connection. I feel that kind of connection with the others. I moved to Seoul at a very young age. I didn’t really have any best friends. The members are the ones who are always by my side and the ones I’ve been with the longest. I think they made me feel emotions that are hard to describe.” He shared.

Jungkook continued by saying, “It feels like we’re companions and they helped me realize what friendship is: family. They’re not family, but they feel like family. There are times when I feel a close connection with them in the way that water flows. I think we’re all doing a good job at maintaining this balance.”

#3 Their Ethereal Harmony

Both of these singers are masters of impressive vocal range and depth. Jungkook’s tenor voice is the epitome of a gust of winter wind softly breezing through a crystal glacier. His lower register is the calm before the storm of his flawless falsetto.

In contrast, Jin’s balladeer vocals are the serene glow of multicolored clouds in the twilight sky. When they sing together, it’s nothing short of melodic magic.

#4 Their Sweet Brotherly Moments


Screen Captures from Bon Voyage and Run BTS

From just watching Run BTS, Bon Voyage, Bangtan Bombs, and interviews alone, it is evident that Jin and Jungkook share a close bond. From giving each other big bear hugs to feeding each other, this friendship looks unbreakable.

During their trip to Malta in Bon Voyage, the guys dined at Dinner in the Sky, a novelty dining service that gives people the amazing experience of eating while being suspended several feet in the sky. If you aren’t afraid of heights, the view is exhilaratingly beautiful. The only thing you should really worry about is dropping your fork.

During this part of the reality series, Jin was feeling slightly uneasy due to his motion sickness. The group’s maknae did his best to make him feel better by joking with him and feeding him. We’re not sure if we’ve ever seen a cuter interaction than that.

If you recall, Jin also fed Jungkook in one of the early episodes of Run BTS. This was after they were paired together for yet another daunting cooking challenge.

Adding to their cute moments is the time when Jin broke his finger and was unable to tie his shoelaces while they were on stage. Luckily, Jungkook was there to tie them for him upon request.

Exhibit C of their sweet brotherly moments is when Jin attached a strap from his backpack to Jungkook’s backpack. Reluctant yet amused, the maknae squirmed and followed his hyung around on a makeshift leash.

#5 They’re Both Extraordinarily Handsome

BTS Jin and Jungkook On

Screen Capture from Youtube KBS Kpop

Being the youngest and the oldest members of BTS, both Jin and Jungkook can be perceived as the metaphorical bookends of beauty.

BTS’ resident Worldwide Handsome possesses visuals that transcend borderlines and language barriers (hence, the nickname, but you knew that). There was even a time when a cosmetic surgeon concluded that Jin’s facial features are aligned with the Golden Ratio, which means that his face is perfectly proportioned. And yes, we agree 100%.

The group’s Golden Maknae runs in the same league as Jin’s, as he can easily light up the room with his charming smile and mesmerizing doe eyes. In 2019, TC Candler even ranked Jungkook as the number 1 most handsome face of the year, beating 99 other stars for the coveted spot.

Let’s not forget that they can go from fierce on stage to funny backstage in just a snap. There is a myriad of beautiful celebrities out there, but what makes Jin and Jungkook stand out is the beauty of their personalities that shines through.

And seriously, just look at those faces. Can you handle this much beauty in one photo? Need we say more? No? Okay, we rest our case.

 #6 Daechwita!

What better way to solidify your brotherhood than by starring in cameo roles in Suga’s/Agust D’s newest music video? Given the fierce and mysterious aura of the music video, the comedic scene was an unexpected Easter egg. It was the perfect personification of the duo’s playful personality and charisma.

Don’t even speak to us if you haven’t watched that scene at least 7 times, turned it into a GIF, and sent it to all your friends…

#7 Their Love For Food

Jin loves cooking and Jungkook loves eating. No wonder these two get along so well! Another attestation to their love for food would be their guest appearance on the JTBC variety show, Let’s Eat Dinner Together.

Hosted by Lee Kyung Kyu and Kang Ho Dong, the family-oriented show’s objective is to eat dinner with a random family. The challenge of knocking on strangers’ doors with having dinner as the mission is an entertaining feat to watch for the whole family.

The BTS members split up into two teams, and after hours of struggling and knocking door to door, the quest to complete the mission was only won by Jin and Lee Kyung Kyu.

Jin happened to stumble upon a house where a pajama party was in progress. Lucky for him, it was a house full of ARMYs. To add to his tremendous stroke of luck, the head of the household was a really cool dad who agreed to his daughter’s request to have Jin over for dinner.

Living up to his polite and friendly manner, he even helped in the kitchen by cooking egg rolls and washing the dishes. And as expected once the table was set, the egg rolls were the first to disappear.

This left Jungkook and Kang Ho Dong to sit at a convenience store and share stories about their lives instead. Only Jin might have won the challenge, but either way, it was still a heartening episode to watch.

#8 They Lift Each Other Up (Literally)

BTS Jungkook and Jin

Photo from Big Hit Entertainment

From the early days after their showbiz debut up to their Run BTS episodes, these soul brothers can always be seen giving each other a literal boost.

Jin and Jungkook just really seem to enjoy jumping onto each other’s backs or into each other’s arms for … Well, both any reason and no reason at all, and that’s probably why it’s so endearing. Carrying a fully grown person on your back is no joke, but these two always make it look so easy!

When you’re friends, you have to lift each other up with kind words. Also, you have to lift each other up when the other one is too tired to walk.


Screen Capture from Run BTS

Being this close to one another while sharing their talent of epic proportions, it’s definitely no wonder why BTS’ fame basks in expansive longevity. To be in the entertainment industry for 7 years and counting, takes more than mere skill. It takes heart.

Source: Big Hit Entertainment | JTBC

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