9 year old YouTuber Ryan’s World is the highest-paid YouTuber of the year ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: YouTuber who makes the most in the world ‘12.2 billion views’… how much does he make in a year?

Source: Asia Economy via Naver

1. [+516, -57] The reason so many people go all in on YouTube. You don’t need an education or anything. You just need a lot of subs to bring in an income.

2. [+320, -8] The good thing about having kids as your audience is that they watch videos on repeat. All day… the views can’t be rivaled.

3. [+74, -16] I don’t even come close to making the income of a 9 year old ㅠㅠ

4. [+23, -1] You don’t need education in this world anymore. As long as you have wit and ideas, you’ll be able to make a living.

5. [+16, -2] I have a feeling we’re going to be left with a bunch of idiots in the future when all everyone wants to do is YouTube…

6. [+12, -0] Seems like everyone in the world has watched this kid except me

7. [+9, -0] Times have changed. Education isn’t the only path to wealth anymore. 

8. [+9, -2] I see everyone walking around with cameras these days. Filming for a good cause is fine but please stop if you’re just doing it for quick cash or to act crazy for attention. 

9. [+7, -0] Can’t they just not run ads on kids’ content? There are so many adults exploiting kids for money now… using kids for vlogs and stuff like that.

10. [+7, -0] YouTuber really must be the #1 dream job for children nowadays

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