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A girl group that has a lot of songs that make you cry


Besides ‘Feel Special’ which is so emotional and ‘TT’ that makes me want to cry because of sadness, there are many songs that penetrate the girls’ emotions and make you feel sad and cry

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1. I think the other songs are just fun songs.. Only ‘Feel Special’ makes me cry

2. Maybe it’s GFriend or Lovelyz

3. Jihyo’s part in ‘What is Love?’ make me cry ㅠㅠ

4. I thought of GFriend and Oh My Girl

5. Aren’t TWICE’s songs always fun and fresh?

6. ‘Feel Special’ is so good, the lyrics make me cry

7. I’m thinking of Oh My Girl

8. I think GFriend and Lovelyz have a lot of emotional songs. I like TWICE, but I think they have a lot more fun songs

9. I don’t know, I think TWICE is a typical girl group of bright, vibrant and fresh

10. Oh My Girl’s Secret Garden makes me cry every time I listen to it…

What do you think?

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