A netizen said HYBE is a group pulverizer and netizens are divided over it

HYBE is seriously a group pulverizer

GFriend disbanded after acquisition

NU’EST disbanded after acquisition

The Fromis_9 members are promoting, but they’re in danger

Whenever they feel like they don’t have enough groups, they acquire other groups. They just used them, and as soon as they debuted ENHYPEN and TXT, they didn’t care about other groups anymoreㅋㅋ Bang Si Hyuk seriouslyㅋㅋ

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1. [+358, -35] No, I’m curious, but why are you guys blaming HYBE for NU’EST’s disbandment??? They say their contract is expiring and 2 people renew their contracts. And if the company treats them badly, why are those two still renewing their contracts? Just like GFriend

2. [+259, -56] ? Isn’t HYBE to blame to a certain extent for GFriend’s disbandment?

3. [+147, -141] Pledis should have done better, why would another agency touch them?;; Seriously

4. [+136, -22] If they do well, you guys will only praise their agency.. But when they don’t do well, you guys will blame HYBE;; Me too, I hate HYBE but you guys are being so transparent

5. [+92, -16] There are a lot of people who protect HYBE

6. [+88, -4] I don’t know about GFriend, but why are you guys blaming HYBE for NU’EST’s disbandment?

7. [+72, -2] There are two members who renew their contracts, so isn’t it the decision of each member?

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