A photo shows that BLACKPINK has very few songs compared to their age

Total number of songs BLACKPINK has released so far (32, including collaborations and featured songs)

The number of songs in Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album ‘RED’ is similar (30)

1. Not only BLACKPINK, YG’s singers are always like that

2. I’m a bit disappointed that they have few songs, but the songs are all good songs and I’m looking forward to this album too

3. Not only BLACKPINK, but YG in general… But they’ve been so successful, I don’t think they need to change this direction

4. Only 32 songs? YG is crazy, they must really believe in BLACKPINK’s popularity

5. It’s a pity that there are so few songs.. I like BLACKPINK’s songs

6. There are a lot of people who forget that their main job is to be singers

7. Anyway, among the girl groups that are promoting, they make the most money

8. Sometimes I forget that their main job is singers

9. Other YG singers also have few songs?

10. I like the b-side songs more than BLACKPINK’s title songs, I hope they release more albums

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This is the peak of female idols, so what year was the peak of male idols?

Seeing this makes netizens understand why BTS V is the top idol