AB6IX Shares Their Group Goals And Where They Each Get Musical Inspiration

AB6IX recently participated in a pictorial and interview with Dazed Korea.

The group talked about what kind of future they dream of for AB6IX with Lee Dae Hwi sharing, “After becoming the best idol group, I want to become a group that becomes a positive influence on their junior artists.”

Lim Young Min added, “I think it’s priority for the group to do well rather than the individual. There are groups that do well with popular individual members, but when you look at groups who do well as a team, each member is so cool. AB6IX wants to become that kind of group.”

Kim Dong Hyun commented, “Even though my mom is older, she knows TVXQ and Super Junior. Just like these impressive senior artists, I want to become a team that is remembered and loved by everyone, regardless of their age and gender.”

AB6IX is well known for every member taking part in writing many of their songs. When asked where they receive their inspiration, Lim Young Min answered, “I imagine a lot. I have fun thinking ‘If that were me, how would I act?’ in a wide variety of situations.”

Giving the answer opposite of Lim Young Min’s, Park Woo Jin shared, “Unlike Young Min, I think about past experiences or happenings around me and then translate my thoughts into writing.”

Jeon Woong added, “These days, I reread the diary I kept since I was a trainee and think about how unsure I felt about the future.”

Kim Dong Hyun picked books, explaining, “Regularly, when I read books, I write down phrases or words that I like. When I write songs, I look over these notes and put them into my own words.”

Lastly, Lee Dae Hwi shared, “Music reflects the generation, so I try to think about the current nature of society. I wrote ‘Breathe‘ thinking of the issue of dust,” which is a large health concern in Korea.

AB6IX will be making their return with their second EP “VIVID” on June 8. Check out the latest teasers here! Their full editorial and article will be available in the June issue of Dazed Korea.

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