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Article: Another sex criminal in the celebrity industry… who is it?

Source: Money S via Nate

Actor A is under investigation for the attempted rape and sexual harassment of Actress B. According to reports, A offered to take B and her friends out drinking to his father’s vacation home where A then attempted to hug B from the back. In her attempt to fight him off, B suffered bruises everywhere and a wound across her chest. 

1. [+713, -12] I looked his name up and his face totally lives up to the saying that physiognomy is science ㅋㅋ that woman must’ve felt disgusted with him

2. [+599, -14] I think it’s Bae * Woong. The details line up.
– Bae *Jin* Woong

3. [+505, -11] There’s only Bae # Woong whose details add up

4. [+80, -2] He’s a total nugu. I saw his picture and he’s not just ugly, he’s absolutely bizarre looking. Like you’d see him in an Ito Junji comic. Such bad physiognomy too. Like some pervert monster you’d find in a basement. 

5. [+59, -3] His face looks like he’d do something like that. It’s always the ugliest ones who do disgusting crap like this.

6. [+49, -1] I looked him up and he looks so scary, it scared me

7. [+41, -4] Physiognomy, as expected… tsk tsk tsk

8. [+40, -0] Wow, his face is scary. How does someone who looks like that get to be an actor? He’s not just ugly, he’s weird looking.

9. [+38, -0] Now that’s a vicious face ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+36, -2] I looked his pictures up and… the science of physiognomy is amazing


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