Actor Ji Soo’s classmate writes scathing report of his past as a school bully ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Actor Ji Soo under school bullying controversy “I don’t need an apology”

Source: Seoul news via Naver

1. [+1,147, -7] Whoa… this one sounds real. The victim says he doesn’t even need an apology ㅋㅋ this all sounds very real

2. [+581, -4] Pay the price of your crimes

3. [+518, -5] All you middle and high schoolers bullying others right now better be watching this. You may feel like you’re on top of the world now but this will all come back to darken your futures and dreams.

4. [+367, -7] Wow, I’m enjoying ‘River Where the Moon Rises’, what a jolt to the system… Ji Soo, not you… please don’t come back on TV again if this is all true ㅡㅡ

5. [+287, -7] Goosebumps… if this is all true, how could he ever think to come out on TV with that smile??? Is he even human???

6. [+160, -1] This feels real… I can totally feel the victim’s emotions. He doesn’t want any apology or compensation, just wants him to be branded with the crimes of his past ㅎㅎ I can feel the rage.

7. [+156, -1] A pen will always be stronger than the fist… The child who grew up bullied by others studied hard to grow up and exact revenge by crushing him with his writing skills as the bully reaches the top of his career! How refreshing!

8. [+155, -0] Wow, I can really feel the anger of the victim. The other victims all asked for apologies but this one just wants him to be branded as a bully. This is what a true act of revenge is. What use is an apology anyway? It makes more sense to want them to see them crumble.

9. [+156, -4] I hope he pays what he’s due

10. [+112, -1] Honestly, his acting’s whatever.. his looks aren’t even up to par as an actor, there’s nothing unique about him. I always wondered how he got a lead role in the first place. Maybe his family’s rich??

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