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Article: Yoon Kye Sang is dating beauty brand CEO 5 years younger with ‘marriage in the plans’

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+246] Why are the comments feeling bad for Honey Lee ㅠㅠ people date and break up all the time, stop mentioning her

2. [+160] Stop bringing up Honey Lee, it’s been a long time since they broke up

3. [+83] I wonder if people are fated to marry certain people 

4. [+64] In every interview while he was with Honey Lee, he always talked about how he had no plans for marriage (very direct about this) and that he wasn’t the responsible type… I guess he just didn’t see marriage in her.

5. [+41] My husband has a friend who dated someone for 11 years and just barely half a year after they broke up, he got married to someone else. Everyone thought he’d marry the other one… but I guess you truly are fated to marry certain people and not necessarily the longest relationship.

6. [+41] Hul, what about Honey Lee??

7. [+17] Guys, please stop bringing up Honey Lee ㅋㅋㅋ it’s not like you all only date once or twice before getting married ㅋㅋ

8. [+14] It’s been so long since he and Honey Lee broke up…

9. [+21] Five years younger? That makes her the same age as Honey Lee!

10. [+13] You’re not obligated to marry someone just because you dated for a long time. Marriage plans happen when both people are on the same page. You never know what can happen to a relationship until they actually step foot in the venue.

11. [+6] Who could it be?
– Nonfiction CEO Cha Hye Young

12. [+5] Honey Lee’s way better

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