Actress accused of hiring thugs to assault someone for exposing her abusive nature ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: [Exclusive] “After exposing actress for abuse of power, she called thugs to come after and assault me”

Source: YTN via Naver

1. [+3,719, -67] Her identity will be revealed soon. Just question a few thugs and they’ll tell all. Both actress and thugs should be exiled from society.

2. [+2,374, -53] Quite obvious what kind of life this actress has been living if she referred to the thugs as her ‘dongsaengs’. Even with the voice change effect, I feel like like I’m able to tell who she is by her manner of speech. The truth will be out soon. I can’t believe there’s still a celebrity in this day and time who still hangs out with thugs. She should be kicked out of not only the industry but our society too.

3. [+943, -35] Just listen to the way she talks. It’s obvious she hired the thugs with the way she refers to them as her dongsaengs. The truth will be revealed!

4. [+587, -24] Is she crazy? She’ll be unemployed for the rest of her life now.

5. [+333, -8] Why did the police take 20 minutes to get there when an assault is happening smack in the middle of Gangnam? 

6. [+335, -7] I reckon the police were quite shocked to see them still committing the assault when they probably got there 20 minutes late thinking the thugs already left the scene

7. [+327, -13] An actress involved with thugs… this makjang b*tch needs to be exiled for the sake of the industry.

8. [+205, -10] Oh come on, her name should be revealed for this;; we have a right to not watch her on TV if we don’t want to

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