Actress Han So Hee purchases luxury apartment in Achiul village

Actress Han So Hee purchases luxury apartment worth 1.95 billion won in Achiul village

1. Han So Hee is the best among rookie actresses who have made a lot of money in recent years. She works really hard, and she also has a good image

2. I support Han So Hee, I hope she gets better

3. Han So Hee’s acting is good, I like it~ Please do more works in the future!

4. Well, celebrities are making a lot of money

5. Well… She did a lot of commercials so she made a lot of money..

6. I hope Sohee gets better, I always support her

7. It’s good that Han So Hee is doing well, she’s been working hard

8. After all, being a celebrity doesn’t mean you can make a lot of money, it’s just that Han So Hee worked hard and was successful..ㅜㅜ

9. There are a lot of celebrities living there, Hyun Bin moved there for a while too

10. I think she will be more successful, she is the prettiest actress these days

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