Actress Kwak Ji Young hospitalized after suicide attempt ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Actress Kwak Ji Young hospitalized after attempting suicide

Source: Yonhap news via Naver

1. [+1,770, -35] I hope she recovers fast and finds strength.. ㅠ

2. [+953, -34] Whenever I saw her on ‘Flaming Youth’.. I always felt that there was a lonely side to her. I’m glad she regained consciousness. I hope that those around her are paying close attention to her..

3. [+901, -27] Don’t do it!! There are so many people who are supporting you from their hearts~

4. [+285, -23] Find strength!!!

5. [+158, -4] You were lovely and beautiful in the past and still just as amazing today. There are a lot of people who still love and support you so please don’t push yourself to the edge like that.

6. [+144, -5] I know how she feels.. ㅜ Words of consolation don’t mean anything.. because only you can know your own sadness. Please know that you survived up to this moment and it’s all the moments leading up to now that make you so precious. Don’t let those moments go. You need to be on your own side. Love yourself.

7. [+90, -4] Don’t be like this… life is like a rollercoaster, there will always be ups and downs. You’re down now but you’ll always go back up no matter what. Recover your health and live with your head held high.

8. [+80, -9] She needs therapy. I could tell that she was depressed on ‘Flaming Youth’ but acting happy for the sake of it. Her main priority is getting mental help.

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