Actress Lee Ah Hyun shares pictures of the hoarding of supplies in American supermarkets ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Lee Ah Hyun reveals reality of sajaegi at American supermarkets “Everything from toilet paper rolls”

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+1,437, -17] I am now realizing how much more tame our country is….

2. [+1,400, -12] Wait, why are they freaking out over toilet paper instead of masks?

3. [+1,005, -17] Makes me realize how good we have it

4. [+60, -2] I always assumed that a first world country would know better than this but going through corona made me realize differently…

5. [+58, -0] Like other comments are saying, Americans have supermarkets that are further apart and slower shipping speeds. It’s not like us Koreans who can just open the front door and find a supermarket or convenience store around. We also have bullet speed shipping.

6. [+51, -3] There’s no point in comparing countries. America has much larger land with slower shipping speeds, and it’s harder to get out of the house to get everything you need. Koreans don’t even have to go to the supermarket because we have such a fast shipping system. No point in us hoarding supplies. I live in Daegu and even when we were in the thick of it, supplies were overflowing in the supermarkets.

7. [+44, -15] Koreans have an online and offline system with online getting the most orders. We should not be using these pictures as an excuse to feel good about ourselves. Koreans are still dying! The virus is not over yet. Keep alert and worry about ourselves.

8. [+33, -3] It’s not that Koreans don’t do this either, it’s that people would rather not go to the supermarkets and instead order online on Coupang. Coupang’s a mess right now. Workers are being heavily overworked, with even a death from exhaustion.

9. [+20, -1] They’re way too obsessed with toilet paper. Just use a bidet.

10. [+16, -0] Seems like the corona changed into a diarrhea disease in the States

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