Actress Oh Yoon Ah shares the joys and triumphs of raising her autistic son Min ~ Netizen Buzz

 Article: Oh Yoon Ah feels touched as her developmentally delayed son Min succeeds at his first ‘payment transaction’

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,479] Min, take life one step at a time without giving up, and when you have the time to look back on your life, you will see your mother who was behind you every step of the way, filled with worry, and I hope that you will tie her shoelaces for her tight.

2. [+313] As a mother myself, I have so much respect ^^ I will always support Min and Yoon Ah-ssi

3. [+371] I work in welfare for the disabled and I really believe that exposing them to every day situations is more useful than any treatment or program. Oh Yoon Ah-ssi is truly the best for bringing her son along and exposing him to every day life!

4. [+71] Oh Yoon Ah-nim is amazing

5. [+34] Min-ah, you did well 👍👍👍 Oh Yoon Ah-ssi, you’re working so hard. You are amazing 👍👍👍

6. [+22] 👍👍👍 She’s the best mom 

7. [+10] Her child is so beautiful, I did not know that he was developmentally delayed. Any mother will know the beautiful feeling of watching your child grow day by day. Oh Yoon Ah-nim is the best mother.

8. [+6] Good job. This is how you grow. It’s not so hard, right?! 👍

9. [+2] Min, you’re the best 👍👍

10. [+1] Oh Yoon Ah is just such an amazing person. I wish them all the best 👍

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