Aespa releases teasers for new song ‘Forever’ ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Teaser photos for Aespa’s new song ‘Forever’ released

Source: Dispatch via Instagram

1. [+98] Everything’s fine except the fact that they didn’t wipe the smudges off their camera lens and the fail of these outfits..

2. [+74] I like everything but the outfits, please do something about them

3. [+44] I could take clearer pictures with my phone than this

4. [+40] Giselle’s getting prettier by the day, so cute…

5. [+20] This is seriously bad, SM was at least decent with their outfits with Red Velvet

6. [+18] Ugh, can SM please stop dressing idols in sequins and glitter

7. [+11] What the f*ck are these outfits, what’re they dressing our kids in

8. [+9] People kept talking about the outfits so I checked out the outfits and uh…

9. [+5] They all look the same

10. [+1] What’s wrong with their clothes..?

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