Aespa seems to be lowering the status of K-pop In the US?

Aespa is shameless..

In the US, people who like K-pop are still considered otaku, but Aespa seems to be lowering the status of K-pop

[+216, -290]

1. [+131, -17] Your mother will also be ashamed of you

2. [+92, -9] A girl who is embarrassed by the top famous female idols… This is ridiculous~

3. [+74, -5] They’re #1 in first week sales for girl groups, and they’re doing so well. The top idol girl group vs someone who has never been 1st in class of 30 students. Who is really shameless?

4. [+30, -52] Watching them sing ‘ænergy’ at Coachella, what a shame

5. [+12, -2] Wow, Aespa is really going to be a big hit this time.. This is my first time seeing a girl group get this much attention since TWICEㅋㅋㅋ

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