Aespa under controversy for plagiarizing teaser pictures for ‘Savage’ comeback

Article: “Aespa’s plagiarism controversies are seriously getting quite bad”

Source: Pann

Even after all this, SM will keep their mouth shut or come to an agreement behind the scenes. 

They plagiarize first then settle later. 

As a Korean company aren’t they embarrassed? Do they have no morals and principles when it comes to copyrights? They’re in no position to be criticizing and insulting the Chinese. 

  1. [+284, -3] They can’t lose China so they’re following in their footsteps..
  2. [+263, -5] They’re this trash but fans keep hyping them up as “creative” and “unique” so of course they’re going to keep stealing other’s work. 
  3. [+241, -3] They’ve already plagiarized to this level but their groups are still hitting it big. Of course they’re going to keep doing this. Fans keep consuming their plagiarized work so they’re just using it as noise marketing now. 
  4. [+83, -0] Aespa has been plagiarizing since debutㅋㅋ. Is SM not embarrassed..? 
  5. [+82, -4] The group itself plagiarized off KDA since the beginningㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…from the music to the style, everything is a copy of KDA.
  6. [+34, -0] SM is seriously a disgrace…even the MV is a copy of KDA..
  7. [+15, -0] When caught with their plagiarisms they just settle with the original owner..

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