Aespa was so caught up in the wilderness that I couldn’t see many different concepts

It’s a bit… a bit… cliché?
Karina and Winter are so pretty and I want to see different concepts
But they only have one concept

Looks like they need a little change so they don’t become boring

Of course… there are fans who like it… but…

1. I think there will be some changes in the next album

2. I agree with the post

3. But they’re just constantly pushing that concept

4. But I think you don’t know them well. Illusion and Life’s Too Short have different concepts and Dreams Come True too

5. If you don’t like the concept of Aespa, just don’t listen and don’t watch

6. But isn’t that the identity of the group?

7. Worrying about SM’s concept is really pointless

8. Aespa’s concept is unique and I think the fans love it

9. If you want to see something different, you just have to like idols whose concept you want

10. Am I the only one who hates the SM wilderness?

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