Aespa Winter was criticized for mistreating hamsters

Aespa Winter’s post about her hamster on Bubble today

“I had 25 hamsters when I was in school
I definitely started with just two
But their relationship was really good
So that’s how I got to 25 right!
When they’re just born, they’re really cute. Just babies.
Then I decided to only raise one of them who was kind of sick, so I only raised one.”

She’s boasting about only raising one of them… 2 hamsters become 25 hamsters, and we don’t know what she did with the rest of them. She’s the same member who got into the cat controversy

original post: theqoo

1. She may not have known it when she was a kid, but it’s crazy that she’s talking about it now…

2. She’s a rookie, but she keeps getting into controversies. SM spent money on your debut, so please be more careful

3. I’ve never had a pet, but I know that you shouldn’t keep male and female hamsters together…;;

4. She was going to talk about a cute little anecdote from her past, but she failed because she didn’t know anything

5. What the hell is SM doing? Why don’t they manage her?

6. Why does she keep getting into controversies, what is SM doing?

7. I don’t even want to see her on stage anymore

8. How old is she?? I guess her brain is empty

9. Seriously.. SM, please pay attention to her

10. Please don’t say anything about animals in the future

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