Aespa’s digital ranking is f*cking weird

Strange situation with Aespa’s digital ranking

In all 3 charts, Illusion is higher than Girls

1. Honestly, I don’t like both songs

2. Am I the only one who likes Girls,,,,?

3. Both are not good, especially Girls, I wish they would stop looking for that wilderness

4. I listened to Girls, and I think I understand why their rankings aren’t as good as the previous songs

5. It’s not easy for b-side songs to beat the title track on the charts. But I also think Illusion is better than Girls

6. I like Illusion.. I like Girls too, but the lyrics make me tired listening to it…

7. I like Illusion, but I can understand why they chose Girls as the title song

8. Illusion is really good and the choreography is perfect

9. I like Illusion… Why did they choose Girls as the title song? In terms of popularity, I think it’s Illusion…

10. I guess I’m the only one who likes Girls more

11. The lyrics are not the problem. The song itself is not good

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