Aespa’s music video teaser accused of plagiarism ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: “Subway flowers + huge snake” Aespa’s MV teaser hit with plagiarism accusations upon release

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+302] As a LoL player, I already thought their concept was similar to K/DA… but now that I see the MV teaser, I’ve realized that they really are just a copy with the subway flowers and snake and all 😭

2. [+190] The downfall of SM

2. [+139] Why do they have so many controversies;;;

3. [+127] Well that’s a flop

4. [+46] This is just noise marketing. People will go look up the MV now out of curiosity.

5. [+34] I thought it was kind of similar to Mino’s ‘Run Away’ too, or just me?

6. [+29] Am I the only one who thought this group was from YG?

7. [+18] But really, why are they debuting this group still ㅡㅡ

8. [+8] Soo Man-ssi, can we just pretend that Aespa never existed?

9. [+7] Well this is rock bottom… is SM just moving forward with it to recoup their investment or what?

10. [+5] Sigh.. it’s not too late, just disband the group before they officially debut. Everything they’re releasing is getting into controversy, how much success can you bank off of a group like this?

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