Aespa’s ‘Next Level’ is so addictive, it’s ruining exams ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Aespa’s ‘Next Level’ is on the way to becoming the next ‘banned song during college entrance exam season’ 12 years since ‘Ring Ding Dong’

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+177] The song’s good but I wouldn’t say it’s that addictive

2. [+133] It is not on the same level as ‘Ring Ding Dong’…

3. [+87] ‘Next Level’, ‘Dun Dun Dance’, and ‘Mafia’ are the trendy hook songs of the moment but I wouldn’t say they’re on the level of being banned during college entrance exam season…

4. [+96] I’m going crazy because ‘Dun Dun Dance’ and ‘ASAP’ keep getting stuck in my head..

5. [+12] I keep hearing “I’m on the next level” while I’m trying to study

6. [+9] Walk to the wilderness~ keeps getting stuck in my head

7. [+10] I’m seriously f*cked my exams, I keep hearing this song in my head

8. [+4] I don’t know about that…

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