Ahn Cheol Soo meets Bang Si Hyuk and TXT at HYBE

1. What’s going on? Why did the politician visit an entertainment company?

2. Why did TXT have to dance in front of politicians? This is crazy

3. Poor TXT, why were they dancing there? I’m so glad BTS went to the US

4. If they were interested in K-pop, they should have invited representatives of entertainment companies instead of visiting HYBE

5. Why do they keep trying to associate K-pop with politics? Moon Jae In also visited SM when he was a presidential candidate in 2017

6. ??? Why did Ahn Cheol Soo go there?

7. Do they really have nothing to do? They are just doing useless things

8. It’s not North Korea, what the hell are they doing?

9. TXT is so pitiful, they can’t even refuse it ㅠㅠ

10. I’m so glad BTS went to America

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