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Alleged school bullying victim of ITZY’s Lia cleared of defamation charges

Earlier in February this year, girl group ITZY’s member, Lia, was accused of being a school bully. This accusation was quickly denied by ITZY’s agency, JYP Entertainment. In the response, the agency also promised to take legal actions against those who allegedly defamed their artists.

On June 13, the Incheon Yeonsu Police Station revealed that they will not be going forward with the defamation accusations under Information and Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act against the alleged victim of Lia’s bullying acts, hereafter mentioned as A.

A earlier accused Lia of borrowing money and not paying back, as well as bullying her friend without any reason. When A stood up for her friend by asking Lia why she was bullying her, she was also subjected to the trauma of constant abuse and swearing by her.

After investigations on A, the police concluded that it will be difficult to charge A for defamation as there are no clear evidence to prove A falsely wrote the article, or A wrote it with the purpose of slander.

In regards to this, A told Yonhap News that it is still mentally difficult to think about that time, “I want a sincere apology.” cr

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1. Wow, they sued the victim.. This is crazy

2. My favorite member in ITZY is Lia…. I’m in shock..

3. I’m in shock.. I didn’t even know she got into the school violence scandal

4. She’s always controversial

5. JYP is similar to Cube

6. It was the worst case of school violence. They bullied the victim twice

7. What the hell is JYP doing..? Just admit it and apologize

8. Is Lia the member with the weakest dance skills?….. I saw her on a TV show before and she looked so innocent…………

9. Disgusting

10. Poor victim…

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