American college student shares his experience of quarantining in Korea ~ Netizen Buzz

1. [+3,385, -111] It’s clear that we have it so good here and yet our own people are fighting against each other… Calling our country Hell Joseon is just killing our country. It’s important that we as citizens praise what’s good and point out what’s wrong so that we can create a fair and just country. We are all members of this earth.

2. [+2,172, -9] My gratitude goes to everyone… but especially our medical staff and volunteer organizations…

3. [+1,956, -9] We’re doing good as it is but let’s not get complacent. We must keep persevering until there is a vaccine! For ourselves and our families!

4. [+1,791, -16] Lately, I’ve been feeling so glad that I was born in a country where it’s not up to luck whether I get to survive or not. A mention of gratitude to the people working hard for us as well~~~ ^

5. [+1,737, -175] I had briefly forgotten how much the world respects our response to the pandemic. Very proud.

6. [+1,366, -33] This makes me proud for some reason… I know our medical staff are working so hard, please find strength for us just a bit longer.

7. [+1,816, -526] Yeah, well, we’re wasting a ton of taxes for his “experience”. Don’t bother coming if you don’t have to.

8. [+1,227, -60] Amazing Korea *thumbs up*

9. [+1,175, -47] We live in a good country

10. [+2,725, -730] We need to be like Thailand and not let foreigners in unless they sing up for a 3 million won health insurance. They should also be required to pay a quarantine fee of 300,000 won a day, and be barred from entry if they can’t pay it. And they should have to prove that they have the funds to be able to treat themselves in a hospital if they catch the virus. K-Prevention? Why should we have to pay more for our health insurances just to fund this? Stop letting foreigners in. No more freeloading on Korean health insurance. 

11. [+110, -4] Our country has such a good communications network that the US could never follow. Their land is just too big. In big countries like the US or China, only their biggest cities have proper communication networks. 

12. [+43, -6] K-Prevention good!

13. [+12, -1] Couldn’t we have them pay more for this? They clearly know the risks when they’re choosing to visit. $80 seems a bit low. It’s unfair to use our tax money so generously. I saw an article saying we were hitting bottom already… Let’s try to be more frugal with where we spend our taxes. It’s wrong for Vietnam to charge 3 million won to quarantine there but it also feels unfair that someone only has to pay less than 100,000 won to get a two week hotel stay with food boxes too. It’s a frustrating situation.

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