Another leaked photo of Jennie and V shows them dating at V’s house

V and Jennie’s dating rumors explode again… Isn’t it V’s house?

The dating rumor between BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V explodes with another leaked photo

In the photo, the two of them are taking a selfie in front of the mirror in the hallway of the apartment

1. This is really crazy; I got goosebumps

2. Now I’m really shivering… I’m so shocked

3. This is scary… Isn’t this a crime?

4. I feel sorry for the celebrities… They’re in a relationship, what’s wrong with them taking pictures together?

5. No, how did the photo get leaked…?

6. Where did you get this and spread it..?

7. This is scary…

8. ?! I’m really curious where you get these..

9. Where did you get photos like that?

10. Leave them alone, this is scary

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