AOA’s Jimin reveals her 30th tattoo ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: AOA Jimin shows proof shot of her tattoo… already her 30th

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+852, -56] The physiognomy of her eyes isn’t looking good…

2. [+654, -55] Her face looks like it’s melting like when Jung Jun ha lost weight. She needs to gain some weight… nevermind the tattoos.

3. [+561, -55] Ugly

4. [+40, -7] How did she become a celebrity? She really lucked out.

5. [+38, -5] She looks sick, her body is stick skinny, no one’s sure if AOA isn’t promoting or can’t promote… Is she relieving her stress by treating her body like a canvas?

6. [+34, -5] Her face is looking weird, why is that?

7. [+27, -5] 30 tattoos? It’s time to stop…

8. [+14, -5] I don’t think she cares anymore, she’s just going full makjang

9. [+13, -5] She’s going to regret that…

10. [+12, -3] Something about her eyes looks far gone, she looks unstable..

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