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April Lee Naeun’s older sister’s Instagram regarding Hyunjoo’s bullying allegations

According to her sister, Naeun was not the perpetrator of the bullying controversy and had suffered from long periods of anguish herself. She also revealed that it is currently impossible to communicate with the “other party,” as the other party has ceased to receive all calls.

She wrote: “One day, my sister called me, crying and telling me to come to her place because it was too lonely and frightening. While I was on my way, I was too scared that she might do something irreversible, so I was shaking all the way. […] I did not know that it would be this difficult to uncover the truth. […] But the company says that she herself [Hyunjoo] stopped the promotions and that her mother had expressed criticism.”

The sister further claimed that Naeun was in a state “too depressed to bully someone else” back then and asked netizens to stop speculating.

In her diary, Naeun had written the following:

“I look back and there is nothing. It’s all hurtful things to me no matter how well I treat them. All I get is pain. How come I never took care of myself. In the end, it all became like this, even though I should have been stronger. But I won’t blame anyone. This is all my fault. I will take care of my own pain. I won’t tell anybody my position or my story. I hate myself, but that’s the answer in this world. I will live like a robot in this dirty (cruel) world. Nobody will help me, and I think this is all an experience. Things will get better from now on. You do your thing! Don’t hold any expectations from others. You’re you!”

“It’s exhausting. I’m lonely. Today was just another long day. I’m trash. I think time is going by way too slowly.”

“I thought things would get better if time passes. I hope June passes by quickly. No, I hope everything passes. It feels like I’m walking in the same position. I just feel sorry for my mom.”

“How come I am this unlucky. I am always the exhausted one and I am so tearful. How come I have no one around me who can console me and give me love. I wanted to be sincere, but everything is so fake.”

“Jelly choreography. Jelly recording. I hate it. I hate myself. Why am I like this. This world is cruel. I’m like trash. I am the worst. I don’t want to speak to anyone. I want to shut up and disappear. I won’t make anyone else sad…” cr

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1. The fact that she was having such a hard time is proof that she didn’t bully others?? Well, isn’t there already too much evidence that Hyunjoo was bullied?

2. You have no right to harass others just because you are suffering

3. So what..?

4. Just retire from the entertainment industry

5. Hyunjoo fighting

6. Your difficulty can’t be a reason to harass others

7. There’s no guarantee she didn’t bully Hyunjoo just because she was having a hard time…

8. This can’t be proof

9. What does this have to do with bullying?

10. What does this have to do with Hyunjoo?

What do you think?

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