ATEEZ Talks About Their Hiatus And Preparations For July Album Release

In a new photo shoot and interview with 1st Look magazine, ATEEZ talked about their hiatus.

The group previously made a comeback in January this year with “Answer” and is now preparing for a July album release. Seonghwa said, “After debuting, we worked without rest, but our hiatus this time around was pretty long. We missed performing for our fans a lot. Using that drive and determination, we’re working hard on preparing something really amazing.”

Hongjoong added, “We want to give people unexpected happiness when they realize, ‘ATEEZ knows how do this too.’ All of the members are working so hard so that people will say, ‘Of course, it’s ATEEZ!’”

ATEEZ’s full pictorial and interview can be seen in the 199th issue of 1st Look magazine.

The group is scheduled to release a new album titled “ZERO: FEVER Part.1” on July 29. Check out the teasers here.

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