Ballet star Na Dae Han terminated from the National Ballet Company for vacationing during self-quarantine ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Na Dae Han terminated from the National Ballet Company… ‘vacationed in Japan during corona quarantine’

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+3,217, -17] So why would you even go on vacation while you’re supposed to be under self-quarantine and create this mess for yourself in the first place?

2. [+2,751, -17] Ended his own career like by acting up

3. [+2,414, -16] What’d he act up for

4. [+195, -1] Very good decision. Letting him back in to live with the others would be deadly.

5. [+193, -5] ㅋㅋ As if going on vacation at all wasn’t problem enough, he chose Japan…

6. [+167, -1] That’s fine, he can deliver flowers for his girlfriend’s floral shop

7. [+140, -3] Japan of all places, so foolish

8. [+128, -2] It’s because of him that the Japanese news took this and ran with it, saying he was running around their country when he should’ve been in self-quarantine. So embarrassing.

9. [+119, -1] Nevermind corona, he went to vacation in Japan during 3.1 day. Good. Who cares how talented you are when your brain is like this.

10. [+70, -1] He could’ve stayed quiet on his vacation and not posted it to SNS but he’s a foolish attention wh*re

11. [+64, -1] Imagine working so hard to achieve all this in your life and pathetically losing it like this…

12. [+54, -1] I think it’s an appropriate consequence. He tainted the name of the ballet company and he certainly doesn’t deserve such a career when he can’t even do one basic thing as a citizen of this country.

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