Berry Good’s Jo Hyun calls Lovelyz’s Mijoo a “chopstick body” ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Very Good’s Jo Hyun, “Lovelyz’s Mijoo has a chopstick body… I shoot underwear CFs”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+639, -139] Is she serious?

2. [+378, -75] As if anyone would know that Jo Hyun is in a girl group if she never said anything. She’s mostly known for her body and her galbi CF.

3. [+366, -113] Basically means all she has to brag about is her body…

4. [+110, -12] Jo Hyun has a great body but it’s wrong to act like she’s better than someone because she’s an underwear CF model while the other girl is a stick, no? She could’ve just complimented herself but she had to take someone else down too. What’s even worse is that Mijoo’s her senior. She’s lucky Mijoo was nice enough to laugh it off.

5. [+74, -18] That’s actually thoughtless of her to say

6. [+69, -15] Why did she say that? Why couldn’t she just compliment Mijoo and then compliment herself too? They’re not rivals, why try to take her down?

7. [+47, -13] Jo Hyun only has male fan who look at her gifs, she doesn’t have any fans who spend money on her;;

8. [+41, -10] It’s actually really disrespectful and rude to talk like that

9. [+32, -6] Why is she being like that? Why put others down and compare yourself like that?

10. [+23, -6] She didn’t even have to say Mijoo had a chopstick body. All she could’ve said was “I think I have the better body. I even shot an underwear CF recently.” I get that it’s a variety show but you don’t need to put others down… They may be friends off camera but this isn’t good to see.

11. [+22, -6] People like her exist everywhere. They’re always looking to put others down to make themselves look better. Men either don’t notice or do and still fall prey to it..

12. [+21, -3] Mijoo is pretty and kind but Jo Hyun is such a sneaky fox, can’t stand her

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