Big accident on Melon’s official Twitter involving IVE and BLACKPINK

Big accident on Melon’s official Twitterㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

They posted it to congratulate BLACKPINK on winning 1st place for Weekly Popularity Awards with Pink Venom

In fact, IVE is #1

1. It was just a mistake, why are you guys fighting?

2. Why did they post it without checking it?

3. IVE and BLACKPINK fans really don’t think much of it, but looking at the comments, the fans of other groups are making a fuss

4. IVE fans must feel bad, but it was just a mistake

5. I don’t think it’s meant to insult BLACKPINK, but I’m sure fans of both groups will be annoyed

6. There has been a generational change

7. Looking at the comments, looks like a lot of people here want BLACKPINK to fail

8. No, it wasn’t a big accident, it was just a mistake

9. I think there was a generational change

10. Humans can make mistakes too…

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