Big Bang’s Seungri prepares for release from prison in 5 days and return to Korean society as a “sex offender”

ArticleSeungri, D-5 release from prison… Paying for his sins has just begun, lonely journey to return to society

Source: 10Asia

Big Bang‘s Seungri will be released from prison in 5 days. 

This will be his first return to society after enlisting in January 2020 and concluding his 1.5 year prison sentence. However, the uncomfortable gaze towards Seungri still remains. This is a cross he’ll have to bear for the rest of his life. The real punishment begins immediately after his release from prison.

Seungri is set to be released on the 11th after his 1.5 year prison sentence for habitual gambling of 2.2 billion won. Seungri was punished for his crimes as a result of a “military trial” and transferred from a military prison to a civilian prison in Yeoju on the day of his discharge in June of last year. 

Seungri’s “Burning Sun Gate” was a great shock to society as a whole. He was the center of the controversy that caused a considerable scandal in Korea resulting in charges of “arranging prostitution” and “embezzlement” of public funds. 

In addition, he was also found to be a member of the infamous and controversial “Jung Joon Young tokbang” with chat room members Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hun who were also sentenced to prison for illegal filming (molka) and distributing s*x videos of women.  

This will be Seungri’s first return to society in 3 years after being tried for ‘Burning Sun Gate‘ and concluding his prison sentence. 

A lot has changed in 3 years. First, Seungri left Big Bang. He no longer has this umbrella of protection since the members also started to walk their own paths. G-Dragon chose to remain with YG. Daesung and Taeyang left YG and went solo and eldest member TOP is running his wine business and plans to participate in a space travel project. 

Seungri, who received relatively little attention during Big Bang activities, couldn’t leave a mark in the industry even with the halo of Big Bang, compared to the other members. After the military period for Big Bang began, what Seungri chose was business. He was once labeled a “prodigy” and “successful businessman” for his unique verbal and business skills. 

But he has since lost all that including his honor. All the “sins” he committed for his business have been exposed to the world. The anger spread to Big Bang and YG Entertainment. He has also become the person that caused “eyes of distrust” and exposed the “bare face” of the entertainment industry.

The sight of Seungri is still cold. In the eyes of the law he might be “free” but in reality he’s not at all. He will have to live with the tag and stigma of “criminal” for the rest of his life.

Seungri’s “comeback” to the entertainment industry is also close to “imaginary.” His Instagram account has already been deleted due to company policy that requires “sex offenders” to be kicked from the service. Even to the SNS industry that can be desensitized to the public’s gaze, Seungri has become an “unapproachable” existence.

Meanwhile, other celebrities have also been exiled from entertainment industry due to their numerous controversies including Steve Yoo (Yoo Seung-jun) who’s still noisy with his military scandals, Shin Jung-hwan for gambling, and druggie Park Yoo-chun

  1. [+1,166, -14] Make sure he never ever works in the entertainment industry again!!
  2. [+425, -15] During Moon Jae-in’s regime, even investigative agencies, police and prosecution condoned his crimes and neglected the damage he did to our country.. Re-investigate ‘Burning Sun Gate’ again!
  3. [+209, -4] It’d be nice if criminal thugs like him were kicked out entirely and blocked from making a comeback in the entertainment industry… I have a feeling he’ll be crawling out soon with reflection letters and pressers.. I hope the entire country turns their backs on everything related to them.
  4. [+196, -7] He’s getting out already??!! I never ever want to see that mug of his ever!
  5. [+162, -11] I bet he’ll be back out, hanging with Yang Hyun Suk the minute he’s released.. 
  6. [+76, -0] Eh.. isn’t this criminal s*x offender worse than Yoo Seung-jun??
  7. [+67, -1] They’re claiming all he did was “illegally gamble” a lot of money but it wasn’t just that. They did much more at Burning Sun with investors.. arranged for prostitutes, illegally filmed molka after feeding women drugs and r*ped them.. whether they were men or women and chose to sell their bodies.. what they did was absolutely unforgivable!! They must be prevented from ever returning to the entertainment industry!! What a great country we’re living in where a sex offender commits dirty crimes like that but he’s let out society after a yar and a half ..ah, our blessed Seungri.. He must be quite thankful to have been born a Korean. Make sure that face never appears on TV or anywhere online in the future!!
  8. [+31, -0] No.. why are you still calling him Seungri??! He’s no longer a Big Bang member or celebrity. He’s just your typical neighborhood criminal and s*x offender now.. call him by his real name!
  9. [+24, -0] If he was arranging for pr*stitutes doesn’t that make him a pimp?
  10. [+22, -0] He’s already out??!! Celebrity comeback.. what??? No, it’s crazy..
  11. [+19, -2] He’s a s*x offender and a criminal.. make sure he’s completely blocked from broadcasts!
  12. [+12, -0] He still has 2 million subs on his YouTube.. is this a comedy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ?  A no-talent nugu like him should’ve been living even better than your average person.. but even with his s*x offender tag he still has maids that are worshipping him?? crazy..ㅋㅋ
  13. [+9, -0] Well, it’s not like we weren’t expecting this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they had to cover it up because a lot of politicians and high-ups were involved in the scandal ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Additional source: Seoul Shinmun

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