Big Hit Entertainment looks to change their name to ‘HYBE’ ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Big Hit Entertainment changes company name to ‘Hybe’

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+325] I’m really sorry, Big Hit ㅠ I’ll stop making fun of you by calling you Small Hit… but Hybe is just not it.. and are we not going to hear the intro jingle when music videos start now~! But that’s your trademark ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+286] Why is Big Hit like this lately? From 1 to 10, I don’t like a single thing they’re doing.

3. [+148] I hate this… Please stop focusing on useless things and just take care of your agency and artists.

4. [+65] Stop f*cking around and dress your artists properly

5. [+38] This isn’t that big of a deal but it still pisses me off. Where did they get Hybe from…

6. [+27] They haven’t officially changed it yet. The meeting’s set for the 30th and they might just keep Big Hit after the meeting.

7. [+42] Why…? Just why???

8. [+54] I don’t like…

9. [+42] Is it necessary though…?

10. [+18] ;; Why are they doing this. Just take care of BTS.

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