Big Hit pairs up with Universal Music for new global boy group launch ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Big Hit and Universal Music Group plan to launch a global boy group

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+87] Enough now…

2. [+47] When Big Hit only had BTS and Lee Hyun, I thought TXT’s debut was quite overwhelming and full for the company, even though it was just five additional people… These new plans – all of it is just too much. Three groups are enough for BTS, it’s going overboard by debuting any more…

3. [+31] Enough, enough. There needs to be a line. You can’t just continue infinitely expand like this. Stop it.. please… Big Hit…

4. [+13] Please stop with all of this and focus on your groups;;;

5. [+13] F*ck, at least lower the prices then

6. [+4] They’re not even SM, why are they acting like this? 😢

7. [+1] You don’t even know the shoe sizees of your current members and can’t even get them the right shoes, why are you doing this?… Please stop…

8. Big Hit, I tell you this time and time again, please stop crossing the line..

9. Shouldn’t they be prioritizing getting TXT more popular in Korea first?;

10. Big Hit was best when it was only Lee Hyun, BTS, and TXT, f*ck.. please stop

11. Big Hit will never follow up to SM no matter how much they try all of this. You can’t just think expanding without any profit is going to get you anywhere. I feel bad for the current kids… their debut feels like a scam.  

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