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Source: Donga Ilbo via Daum

1. [+2,434, -238] To all of you writing negative comments~~ clothing has always changed with the times. It’s not about getting rid of the original design but allowing variety and change to better fit with the current times. It’s through these changes that we’re able to preserve the beauty of the hanbok for a long time. Fusion hanbok is just another variety of hanbok that is now gaining the attention of people all over the world. It’s aiding in the globalization of Korea so it should be shown support, not criticism.

2. [+2,100, -206] The hanbok has changed throughout history, have any of you studied it at all? You can’t just call something out for being different from what you’re used to seeing and call it wrong. Study the history of the hanbok before complaining.

3. [+1,764, -104] Clothes have always changed with the times. Things like the Hanok have seen changes to fit new generations, and if the hanbok isn’t able to keep up as well, we will only be seeing it in museums in the future.

4. [+1,550, -78] I read that the hanbok was altered like this to better dance in. I’m just glad that more and more people are learning about the word hanbok instead of thinking it’s a kimono.

5. [+1,481, -173] I think it’s more important to teach the world that the hanbok exists because foreigners only recognize the kimono out of Asian clothing. It’s pathetic that people are nitpicking over the accuracy of the hanboks, or are they just mad that it’s Black Pink wearing it? ㅋㅋ I bet if it was your own favorite group who wore it, you’d be spamming the comments with praise…

6. [+1,386, -86] The hanbok has gone through so many changes with every generation to better fit the comfort and lifestyle of the time, so why is it that people are always rejecting the idea of fusion hanboks, dress hanboks, etc…

7. [+1,249, -44] A lot of foreigners think of the hanbok as another kimono so even if these hanboks aren’t traditional in nature, I think it’s a good start in helping foreigners take an interest at all

8. [+300, -10] Well, it’s through baby steps like this that foreigners can get to know what a hanbok is~~ It’d be nice if we could see a day when hanbok dresses are worn at international graduation parties and whatnot~ too bad hanboks are quite expensive

9. [+1,556, -1,292] This has passed the limits of a hanbok. It’s embarrassing to even call it a hanbok.

10. [+1,354, -1,108] This just… doesn’t look like a hanbok at all, and I don’t get how you could argue that it does

11. [+147, -95] So if you make a crop top out of kimono material, is it considered a kimono then? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lisa’s outfit looks like a kimono but the other members look like they’re wearing another country’s clothes. Their hair styles make them look like Chinese warriors from a video game.

12. [+11, -0] This just looks like clubbing outfits made from material from a hanbok shop… It’s not a hanbok just because it uses the same fabric…

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