BLACKPINK Jisoo gets criticized after updating her Instagram story

BLACKPINK Jisoo updates her Instagram story

“Happy birthday Eun Youngro 🎂🤍”

Eun Youngro is Jisoo’s character in Snowdrop

1. When I was about to forget that drama, she mentioned it again

2. Crazy.. Looks like she just wants to live without caring about anything

3. Wow.. Jisoo, why are you like that?

4. Her head is empty

5. Why does she keep causing controversy on her own?… It really pisses me off

6. She pretends to be stupid and cute in her words and behavior, but that’s just a conceptㅋㅋ I think her personality is completely different from what we see from herㅋㅋ….

7. What the hell did she do? It wasn’t even a good drama.. She’s really thoughtless

8. She’s so stupid

9. Oh my gosh, I really hate her

10. Why is she like that? Is she stupid? I guess her brain is empty

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