BLACKPINK Lisa, Park Bo Gum and BTS V return to Korea after Celine’s fashion show today

1. Lisa and Park Bo Gum are so cute

2. They got off the same plane, but why only he didn’t greet the fans?ㅋㅋ Lisa and Park Bo Gum are so cute

3. I really like Park Bo Gum and Lisa

4. Lisa and Park Bo Gum’s personalities are so good. I heard stories about her personality. Her attitude is so good. I think Celine likes that too!

5. Lisa and Park Bo Gum are so cute and adorable. Seeing them smile makes me feel good. I really like both

6. Lisa has a good personality, she’s so kind and cute, Park Bo Gum makes my heart flutter

7. I feel sorry for V, the comments are crazy

8. Lisa and Park Bo Gum’s manners are so good

9. Every time I see Lisa, I feel like she’s a good person

10. I know Park Bo Gum’s personality well, and Lisa is so pretty and kind

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