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Blackpink Lisa’s Weibo account deleted after X-rated “nude” show in Paris + Angelababy “kicked out” and “exiled” in China for “attending”

ArticleLisa’s ‘X rated’ show repercussions?..Chinese Weibo account deleted → Angelababy rumored to be kicked out for ‘viewing’

Source: Herald Pop

Is this the aftermath of appearing at an X-rated show? 

Blackpink Lisa‘s Chinese Weibo account has become a hot topic after it was suddenly deleted.

On the 1st, Lisa’s Chinese Weibo account was suddenly deleted. When you visit her official account, a message states, “This account can no longer be viewed due to reports of violations of laws, regulations, and Weibo Community Agreement-related provisions” and you’re immediately sent to the main page.

Accordingly, netizens are speculating that Lisa is experiencing the aftermath of appearing on the French 19+ show ‘Crazy Horse.’ This is because the China Acting Industry Association strictly prohibits crimes such as gambling, drugs, and violence, as well as appearing in or promoting obscene and vulgar performances, as part of its standards for maintaining celebrity dignity.

Lisa appeared as a headliner for ‘Crazy Horse’ 5 times over 3 days from September 28th through the 30th. ‘Crazy Horse’ is an art nude show that’s considered one of the top 3 cabarets in Paris, along with ‘Moulin Rouge‘ and ‘Lido.’ It attracted attention by being mentioned by world famous stars like Steven Spielberg, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera but has also become the subject of controversy for its provocativeness as it featured female dancers in provocative costumes and nude performances. 

Lisa finished her performance by going on stage with a top however since she’s a popular idol with a global influence, criticism is continuing to pour out. 

China top star celebrity Angelababy who also revealed that she attended Lisa’s performance is also rumored to be leaving the entertainment industry. All her appearances in ‘Cheongseol Heun Hoheul’ have been edited into CG and broadcasting company CCTV deleted footage of all her appearances. In addition, Zhang Dada and Yang Mi, who are famous as Angelababy’s friends are also attracting attention as they’re known to have cut off contact.

Meanwhile, Lisa is discussing renewing her contract with YG. 

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