BLACKPINK members’ phones are all getting hacked

BLACKPINK pictures getting leaked in real time

Jennie and V’s video call photo

Lisa and Jisoo’s selfie

Jennie and Rosé’s selfie not even a few days ago in New York

The cat who is living in Jennie and her mom’s main house with V

Jisoo and Lisa’s selfie at the airport 2 days ago

People are saying that both Lisa and Jennie are being hacked

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1. [+576, -8] BLACKPINK members’ phones don’t seem secure right now, so they should get rid of them or strengthen iCloud security

2. [+478, -13] But it’s scary to see leaked pictures……… Does the hacker know that they are committing a crime….

3. [+440, -4] BLACKPINK members’ phones are all getting hacked..

4. [+328, -2] What’s up with people who claimed that iPhone’s security was stronger and ignored Samsung?

5. [+161, -41] But the BLACKPINK members seem to be so close to each other… I’ll join the fandom

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