BLACKPINK Members To Release Solo Tracks Starting In September

YG Entertainment has announced their plans for the BLACKPINK members’ solo releases!

Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

YG has recently informed the fans regarding BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback and official album release in June and September.

After monitoring many responses made by fans in and out of Korea, it seemed that many of you were curious on the solo release plans by individual members, so we decided to inform you on how they are being prepared.

YG has released Jennie’s first-ever solo single “SOLO” back in November 2018, and has been working on Rosé’s first-ever solo track for over a year.

We ask for your understanding on taking more time than expected, since we were planning to release multiple songs in an album format, rather than releasing a digital single.

Rosé’s solo works have already been completed, and its release date is planned to be in September after the release of BLACKPINK’s first-ever full-length album.

It is because all the members agreed that BLACKPINK’s comeback as an entire group and their first-ever full-length album release is more important than anything.

Furthermore, Lisa’s amazing solo single is already prepared for release, and we are currently preparing for Jisoo’s solo single release as well.

The solo releases by the members will continue in sequential order, after the release of BLACKPINK’s first-ever full-length album release upcoming [sic] in September.

YG is always grateful towards the fans in and out of Korea, who have shown interest and affections towards BLACKPINK until this day. We are also always monitoring your opinions which may sound trivial, but are in fact very helpful.

YG will not stop the support and effort to help BLACKPINK create better music and to help them grow as admirable artists. That is because it’s the first and most important thing we should consider to repay your love and support towards BLACKPINK.

Today is June 1st.
Please continue to encourage and support the members of BLACKPINK, who are continuing to work hard for the final preparation process for their upcoming comeback this onth.

Thank you.

YG Entertainment previously confirmed in May that BLACKPINK would be making a three-step comeback starting in June and culminating in the release of their first full-length album in September.

The agency first announced the news that all four of the BLACKPINK members would be releasing solo tracks over a year and a half ago, in October 2018. Jennie became the first member of the group to make her solo debut with the fittingly titled “SOLO” later that year.

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