BLACKPINK overtakes BTS to be #1 Melon’s entry number of unique users in 2022

BLACKPINK is #1 in Melon’s entry number of unique users in 2022

1. BLACKPINK is crazy

2. Well, their rank is higher than BTS

3. BLACKPINK is really amazing…

4. BLACKPINK dominates the charts.. They sold a lot of albums and their digital music was a big hit too

5. As expected, BLACKPINK is BLACKPINK

6. They are the #1 girl group of the 3rd generation

7. I wonder what would happen if BTS, BLACKPINK and IU released their songs on the same day

8. I like the song, it’s so trendy..

9. They surpassed BTS

10. The song is crazy, BLACKPINK is BLACKPINK

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