BLACKPINK overtakes BTS to dominate Kpop after BTS takes a break from group activities

#1 Melon’s entry number of unique users in 2022

#2 in terms of number of users in the first 24 hours on Melon in 2022

#7 in terms of highest number of daily users on Melon in 2022

#2 on Melon daily

#1 on Genie daily

YouTube views in 24 hours (3rd of all time)

#1 trending on YouTube in 59 countries out of 94 countries

First Kpop girl group to reach #1 on iTunes UK Albums and Songs chart

Girl group ranked #1 on US iTunes chart for the first time in 2 years

The first girl group in the world to ever hit #1 on the global Spotify chart

BLACKPINK is doing so well even though they made a comeback after 1 year and 10 months. It’s even a pre-release song

Since BTS is taking a break from group activities, it seems like BLACKPINK is dominating Kpop

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